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Throne Chairs

Throne chairs, often called royal chairs, are a magnificent addition to any wedding. They offer a touch of majesty and sophistication that elevates the overall atmosphere of the event. These statement pieces provide comfortable seating for the bride and groom and serve as a focal point for guests and photographers.

Learn more about throne chairs below or request a quote. 

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The Appeal of Throne Chairs at Weddings

Throne chairs are designed to stand out. They are typically larger, more ornate, and luxurious than standard seating options. With their tall backs, intricate detailing, and regal appearance, these chairs make the bride and groom feel like royalty on their special day. By including throne chairs at your wedding, you're not just providing a place to sit; you're enhancing the entire aesthetic of your ceremony or reception.

Styles and Designs of Throne Chairs

Throne chairs come in various styles and designs, allowing couples to choose pieces that best fit their wedding theme and personal tastes. Here are a few popular options:

  • Classic Velvet: These chairs are upholstered in rich velvet, with color options ranging from deep reds and royal blues to elegant blacks and pristine whites. Velvet's soft texture and luxurious feel are perfect for traditional and formal weddings.

  • Vintage Gold: For those who love a touch of vintage charm, throne chairs with gold framing and intricate carvings can add a historical elegance that complements vintage-themed weddings.

  • Modern Chic: Modern designs with minimalistic details are also available for couples who prefer a contemporary look. These throne chairs often feature cleaner lines and less ornate backrests but maintain a sense of sophistication.

  • Customizable Features: Many throne chairs offer customization options, including interchangeable fabrics and finishes, allowing them to truly become a part of your wedding decor.

Why Rent Throne Chairs?

Renting throne chairs for your wedding comes with several benefits:

  • Visual Impact: These chairs create a stunning visual centerpiece for both the ceremony and the reception. Positioned at the head table or as part of a special seating area, they're perfect for photo opportunities and add a significant "wow" factor to your decor.

  • Comfort: Throne chairs are not only stylish but also designed for comfort. They provide ample space and support, allowing the couple to relax comfortably through the festivities.

  • Cost-Effective: Renting throne chairs is a cost-effective way to add luxury to your wedding without the hefty price tag of purchasing such specialized furniture.

  • Hassle-Free: With rental services, you don't need to worry about transportation, setup, or breakdown. The rental company handles all the logistics, ensuring the chairs are in place on time and in immaculate condition.

How to Rent Throne Chairs

Renting throne chairs for your wedding doesn't need to be a difficult process. At Be Seated, we've worked at countless weddings and make sure the process is as smooth at possible - start by requesting a quote by clicking here.​ Provide details about your wedding date, location, and the number of chairs needed. This information will help us prepare a comprehensive offer tailored to your needs.

Throne chairs are more than just seating—they are a statement. They symbolize the importance and the grandeur of your wedding day. By choosing to rent throne chairs, you ensure that your seating is as special as the occasion itself. Don't hesitate to elevate your wedding day with the elegance of throne chairs. Request your quote today and make your royal seating arrangement a seamless and spectacular part of your wedding planning.

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